Anticipate the very best of local artisan produce cooked with respect using both traditional and contemporary techniques. At Katers Restaurant, dishes are expertly crafted to showcase flavours true to the region, reflecting the surrounding fertile landscapes as well as using what is lovingly grown in the kitchen gardens.

Maintaining strong connections with local suppliers, including farm visits and hand foraged finds, a passionate kitchen team continually transforms each menu as produce bursts into season. Diners are invited to take a peek outside and observe as the kitchen team forage in the gardens. In afternoon sunlight, fresh-as-they-come ingredients are gently plucked from stems and soil to be paired with premium meats from livestock grazed naturally in open pastures nearby and luxury items such as black Perigold truffles when available.

Impressing diners, a knowledgeable sommelier team showcases an array of wines from the Southern Highlands region in an award-winning selection, seeing seasonal dishes paired with a drop that complements perfectly on the palate. Spanning to include wider national wine regions as well as those renowned internationally, Katers Restaurant focuses on highlighting organic and biodynamic wines from a variety of different climates and styles.

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